Exceptional Assisted Living for Seniors
1770 Humboldt Road
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 924-5501
Lic. # 045000700
"My mother and father moved to the Courtyard in 2002 when it became apparent they could no longer live in the house they had owned forever. It was a difficult move, especially for my mom, but the Courtyard’s caring staff did a wonderful job helping make The Courtyard their new home.

Mom passed away in 2005, so now it’s just my dad. Staff is like family, making sure he keeps as active and independent as possible. I feel confident leaving town,knowing that all of his needs are met.”

Eileen Brownell, talking about her father Ken Brownell
"One of the things I find most gratifying about The Courtyard is that the management is so responsive to the needs of the residents and their families.The facility at The Courtyard is a major factor in our satisfaction. It is well maintained and comfortable with amenities designed to assist residents without making them feel as though they are a burden. The Courtyard is big enough to give everyone privacy, but small enough to foster intimate and exceptional care.  The staff at The Courtyard is caring and attentive, and they create personal relationships with each resident.”

Bob Kohen with his mom, Pauline